What About Staying Up Late to Watch TV?


A study of 909 women who kept diaries of their daily activities and later described their feelings in each situation finds that watching TV is more fun than taking care of children; that deadlines make people tense; and that people don't enjoy life as much when they haven't had a good night's sleep. Not exactly earth-shaking revelations, but I was intrigued by the suggestion that this new method of happiness assessment could, as The New York Times puts it, give us "a more complete picture of how new drugs…might enrich or dull the small pleasures of life."

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  1. New drugs? Plenty of old ones around that would do that well enough, thank you.

  2. They must be unmarried. Sending hubby on pointless quests is the source of life’s little pleasures otherwise.

  3. Ironchef,
    One of the worst unintended consequences of the war on drugs is potential users’ ignorance of the benefits of old drugs as well as a paucity of new drugs. E.G. the new libido patch for women the FDA gave thumbs down to.
    If MD’s could truly practice as their initials imply, wouldn’t we all be on SOMETHING that would improve our lives–short and long term?
    Forty-something percent of us are on some drug already, so the trend is in the right direction.

  4. Unfortunately, this seems to bear out my general feeling that sitting around on my butt and getting plenty of sleep is more pleasureable than getting up early to put in more hours at work. This just about shoots my New Year’s resolutions all to hell.

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