And the Tomato Children Shall Lead Us…


The Rolling Stone blog (god help us all, everyone) points to this interesting, Dr. Demento-esque comment by Justice Stephen Breyer during the medical marijuana arguments earlier this week:

JUSTICE STEPHEN BREYER: "You know, he grows heroin, cocaine, tomatoes that are going to have genomes in them that could, at some point, lead to tomato children that will eventually affect Boston.

Tomato children? Didn't they chase Diane Linkletter out that window? Whatever happened to the real America, the one filled with marmalade skies and plasticine porters with looking-glass ties? That's one wacked-out mofo, the justice from the Bay State. I'm having two of whatever he's drinking….As Leonard Nimoy might sing it, Breyer's statement is "highly illogical."

More exchange highlights here.