Give Thanks, Buy Choice, Read Reason (Open Holiday Subscription Pitch)


Quick, before the tryptophan comas kick in across this sweet land of liberty, check out the magazine's that been called "deeply refreshing" (by the trade industry bible Folio) and the new anthology that's been called "a book you need" (by Kurt Loder).

A year's worth of Reason (11 issues) is only $19.95–and for a limited time, that price includes a softcover version of our greatest hits collection, Choice: The Best of Reason. If you're already a subscriber, you can renew on those same terms. Or you can buy Choice (a great holiday gift) in hardcover or paperback.

Go here for details, contents, info, and praise like this:

Reason is the undiscovered magazine of America. The magazine surprises with new perspectives and unexpected ideas. That's just what America needs today–Jeff Jarvis, creator of Entertainment Weekly and proprietor of

For years, Reason has been my most anticipated monthly read. An antidote to partisan preaching and political correctness, Choice: The Best of Reason is a must read for all rational thinkers who seek an honest take on the issues of our time.–Catherine Crier, former judge, Court TV host and author of The Case Against Lawyers

Reason is a constant reminder of the value of independent thought in fast-changing times. Choice brings the best of it together to mess with your ahead again, or for the first time. Either way, you'll think different.–Chris Anderson, editor in chief, Wired

Reason is an oasis of sharp writing and sensible political discourse in a time dominated by I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I-manship, a respite for those who are weary of the reactionary pod-people screams emanating from both the left and the right.–Joe Garden, The Onion

Again, details here.