Next on C-SPAN: Bare Nekkid Boobies


Ah, you really can't beat this: C-SPAN filmed a National Institute for Media and the Family briefing on the Hill, at which foes of indecency like Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) were shown samples of the filthy, filthy stuff America's video game makers are peddling to Our Impressionable Youth. I therefore demand that these NIMFos be fined for promoting indecent broadcasts. I mean, exposing very young children to nude female breasts… who would do such a thing?

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  1. Whomever is the sick fuck that invented female breasts should be crucified. Or at least his kid should be.

  2. If three original letters led the FCC to fine Fox something in the mid six digits, I’m sure there must have been enough viewers to make the C-Span fine cost those immoral broadcasters at least $11.50.

  3. Who would do such a thing? Well, the TSA for one, in their new, intrusive searches. Watch while mommy gets felt up by a strange man!

    How odd that this is brought to us by the same nanny-staters that bring us Michael Powell, and his crusade to turn prime time into Romper Room.

  4. The three complaints led to a $1.2M fine, so adjust my math accordingly and C-Span should be out about 40 bucks. So a very cranky C-Span Books call screener won’t be getting a Christmas bonus this year, thanks to the FCC!

  5. Female Homo Sapiens is the only animal which uses fat as a sexual attractant.

    For the record, the reason I noticed this thread anyhow, causing me to comment is because I’m a bird watcher: boobies. Next thing you know there’ll be a thread about tits, and I’ll be forced to dispense some more birder wisdom.

    How tweet it is!
    Two nipples for a dime anyone?

  6. For the love of… Can someone PLEASE tell me when this country will finally shed it’s prudishness and accecept sexuality like the rest of the civilized world. Why do I think that such an outcome involves quite literally busting the heads of some Bible/Torah/Koran-thumpers?

  7. Ever since the harlots started showing ankles, it’s been all down hill. When will the FCC start fining for ankles? Ankles are the gateway anatomy to breasts! Ankles should be a Schedule I body part!

  8. I blame it on Mom. Why I wasn’t even an hour old when she got me hooked. Those early childhood experiences of warmth, safety, getting fed, can be difficult to overcome later in life.

    “Enjoy them, kid. You won’t see another for 14 years!”

  9. Lady-breasts do nothing for me. (Ewww.)

    Man-chests, however… (YUM!)

    So to the broadcasters of America I say:

    Want to avoid fines? Show more male torsos!

  10. Bastards!

    Every day, yes, a new competitor.

  11. Breasts are for indicating at a great distance which gender is coming, even in spite of heavy overcoats. The shadowing is unmistakeable. You can also tell time with them.

    To get the attraction effect, I think you need some sort of covering. Otherwise it’s just a woman with no clothes on.

  12. I see the American Taliban is at it still….

  13. “Breasts are for indicating at a great distance which gender is coming, even in spite of heavy overcoats.”

    Ron Hardin, you are long overdue for a little birding.

  14. Ruthless, I bird by ear. See my webpage “Intelligent Bicyclist’s Guide to Loud Bird Songs of Central Ohio.”

    You can’t be wasting time looking for the suckers. They’re usually in trees and things.

  15. Oh to be living in Biblical times, long before video and photo representations of what kids don’t need to see. Of course back then nearly everyone lived in a one-room hovel or a tent, and Mom and Dad would get undressed and climb into the bed on the other side of the room and…

    Oops. Maybe just back a hundred years or so, on the frontier, when you sat around the dinner table in the one-room cabin or dugout and Mom and Dad would discuss getting a new rooster because the old one wasn’t treading the hens enough, and after supper you could go outside and watch the bull get after the cow to…

    Oops. Maybe like the Waltons. Modern but no electricity. So John Boy could lay in bed and listen to his family call “Good night.” back and forth. And if he could hear that, when Dad rolled over to Mom and the bed started squeaking…

    Oops. Maybe back fifty years when everyone lived in a tenement in the city. Before air conditioning windows opened on an airshaft, and had to stay open during the summer for ventilation. So when the newlyweds up on the forth floor got randy everyone could hear and pretty soon everyone with a partner would be doing it and the kids would listen and…

    Geez. You mean we’re the first generation in history where Mom and Dad could go into the bedroom and shut the door?

  16. the funny thing is that the victorians were right. the ankle did lead to the neck, and soforth. a little bit of freedom leads to more. and soforth.

  17. “Whomever is the sick fuck that invented female breasts should be crucified. Or at least his kid should be.”

    You obviously need to read your Old Testament. I don’t only smite the blasphemer, but I wipe out his family, his friends, his pets.. hell, I’ll just take out your whole city. You still making jokes now, Mr. Joker man?

    And women’s breasts are purely functional, wise guy. They’re for men to look at, and grab onto while.. well, you know.

  18. “the funny thing is that the victorians were right. the ankle did lead to the neck, and soforth. a little bit of freedom leads to more. and soforth.”

    De ankle bone connected to the neck bone, the neck bone connected to the titty bone, the titty bone connected to the boner.

    Now heah de wood ob de Lawd!

  19. Check out these great pics of tits and boobies!

    (Thanks to Ruthless for the inspiration.)

  20. Stevo Darkly’s image of California bush tits was what we were referring to with our line, “Wish they all could be California girls.”

  21. Stevo,
    I like my bush and tits to be separated by aproximately 12 inches. So, show me bush or show me tits, but please, no bushtits.

  22. Oh, and for the ladies, and any lads so inclined, here is a photo of a man with a huge cock.

    (Sorry it’s not the best-quality photo.)

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