Ukraine Is Joke to You?!


Andrew Sullivan links to a Ukranian blogger who's covering the hubbub there.

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  1. Are elections, whether in Ukraine or Iraq, whether “honest” or rigged, the Holy Grail?
    They are just a long-lasting fad/fashion like wearing hats was.

    Dictators will be demagogues and demagogues will be dictators as surely as boys will be boys.

  2. Perhaps we could bring democracy to them at gunpoint…

  3. I still have the Ukraine!

  4. You know what the Ukraine is? It’s a sitting duck. A road apple, Newman. The Ukraine is weak. It’s feeble. I think it’s time to put the hurt on the Ukraine.

  5. Ah, the Peanut Gallery strikes again.

    Maybe you boys should read the blog, see how life is for real men.

  6. Keep it down, buddy. We’re playing a game here.

  7. You not say Ukraine weak . . . Ukraine is game to you?! How about I take your little board and smash it!

  8. Powell is (and I believe this in line with most European countries at this point) criticizing the election results.

  9. You know, it occurs to me that an invasion of Ukraine could be a splendid idea! Here’s why:

    Ukraine is located in a volatile region that is sliding back toward despotism. By invading Ukraine and establishing a democracy, no doubt we could unleash a domino effect and create a democratic model for Russia, as well as former Soviet republics such as Belarus, Azerbaijan, and various other countries with names ending in “stan”.

    Now, you may be asking yourselves whether Ukraine poses any imminent threat to the US. Well, nobody actually said the word “imminent” (gosh, you people can be nitpicky!), but that region does feature some significant threats to the US. One of the primary states aiding Iran’s nuclear program is Russia. Also, former Soviet republics are leading exporters of unemployed nuclear physicists, microbiologists, virologists, chemists, and other unemployed scientists with backgrounds pertinent to WMD.

    Besides, an invasion of Ukraine would send a message to the tyrants of the world. You see, all of the tyrants were on vacation when we invaded Afghanistan, and their resorts don’t get CNN, so they didn’t realize that we had overthrown a despotic regime that aided a terrorist attack agains the US. So we had to do it over again in Iraq, just to make sure the message was received. However, there are rumors that a handful of tyrants were gambling at a resort during the invasion of Iraq, so we need to send a third message, just to be safe.

    I say we make Yanukovich, Kuchma, and their oligarch friends into examples for the rest of the world.

    Oh, and the Europeans are also strongly opposed to Yanukovich’s election fraud, so this could be a great way to repair the trans-Atlantic alliance.

    Finally, it could be a great way to get a head start on the 2006 midterm elections. Oops, better delete that one when I hit “preview.”

    Anyway, I see lots of benefits to be had from overthrowing a corrupt government, transforming a region, and sending a message. What could possibly go wrong?

  10. I saw a thing about the Ukraine on the BBC yesterday. I didn’t know what they were talking about because the tv had no sound.

    Anyhow, one of the Klitschko brothers (heavyweight champion of the world) was beside the dude talking on the microwave.

    Anyway, does anyone know what he was there about?

  11. klitschko is suport yuschenko

  12. damn… that was literate…

    perhaps i too should make use of the “preview” function thoreau speaks of.

    anyways, you get the idea.

    pic here:

  13. That is OK, I said “talking on the microwave”. Hopefully that is Wladimir, not Vitali. (I have a hard time telling the two apart, when they are not together).

    Vitali has a world championship bout coming up. Far more important than the fate of some nowhere little country up by Russia. Even if it is his homeland.

    Vitali better not be getting distracted, I have some money on him.

    Actually I don’t have anymoney on that fight, and now I am going to click on the link and read about what is happening in Ukraine, and then maybe feel like an ass for joking about it.

  14. Is Kitschko (and the hot little girl) supporting Yushenko? Anyone know?

  15. yes. that was my not-so-well-stated point.

    and the hot little girl is the winner of a very popular europe-wide “american idol” type contest.

  16. I think that pic is of Wladimir. I hope that chick isn’t the one responsible for rubbing Vaseline on his legs …

  17. Thanks Rox, and Jason L,

    I am glad to know that he is supporting what appears to be the right person.

    I am glad it is Wladimir. It doesn’t really matter if that hot chick is the one rubbing vaseline on his legs. He has a glass jaw, unlike his brother. Wladimir is also the better boxer of the two, except for his jaw.

    Maybe the chick has been responsible for rubbing him the right way all this time and that is responsible for his glass jaw.

  18. thoreau,
    The Ukraine has no oil to speak of and has nukes. These two realities put them way down on our “Countries we plan to add to our Empire” list.
    Otherwise, we like the way you think.

  19. “He has a glass jaw, unlike his brother.”

    Also, he can’t figure out southpaws. He slips and weaves into the left cross every time. I hope he doesn’t get in the ring again.

    Byrd and Ruiz are other belt holders. Egad. Vitali certainly ought to be able to unify the belts in this environment. The heavyweights are pretty sorry right now.

  20. I personally think Vitali is very underated. His European style looks clumsy and rigid, but I think that he was on his way to easily beating Lennox Lewis, before his cut got the fight stopped.

    Byrd and Ruiz, are not great to watch, but they are hard to beat. They are hard to get clean shots on. I have seen Byrd get a few gifts though. There are a few fighters that should have taken the title from him.

    To beat Byrd, don’t throw head shots, go to the body, wear him down. To beat Ruiz, keep your distance (like Roy Jones did) if you let him get close he will wear you down with his dirty inside moves and his holding.

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