Middle East Milestone


How I mark the shifting tides of geopolitics: I got my first 419 spam from Mrs. Suha Arafat this morning. (In case you're interested, the PLO leader's widow is seeking somebody to receive a sum of $20 million, for both your mutual benefits.)

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  1. He he he.

  2. When are you guys going to post a write-up about the unfolding events in the Ukraine? Or Dan Rather calling it quits in March 2005? Or the Artest affair?

  3. Jason,
    Artest planned the fight. Two weeks ago he asked for a leave of absence so he could promote his new rap CD and was denied. Now he has all the time off he wants.

    For his sake I hope he sings as well as he plays defense.

  4. Is she kin to the esteemed Dr. Mombo Jobama of Nigeria? He`s offering the same deal.
    Maybe he`s her agent since the King of “table cloth haberdashery” has past on.

  5. Did you ask her if she’s ready to start dating yet?

  6. I can’t access the site right now, but assuming it’s still up, http://www.ebolamonkey.com has a very entertaining assemblage of responses to the 419/Nigerian e-mail scams.

  7. I got one of those yesterday. Lovely, heartfelt letter that pulled all the strings: Muslim treatment of women, sadness over the loss of beloved husband, political turmoil, situation in Palestinian territory, $20,000,000.00. You know: typical sob story, could hear it anyday on any streetcorner.

    How could I not offer my assistance?

  8. I’m waiting for the musical: SUHA!

    I suppose it would make a good vehicle for Rosie O’Donnell.

  9. NoStar,

    My thoughts exactly.

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