Like a Sweet Potato Pie Left in the Oven Overnight….


Dan Rather is done.

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  1. …and there was much rejoicing.

    Well break out the party-hats and noisemakers folks… but don’t get too carried away. It’s not like he’s going to take all that bias and shoddy reporting with him you know.

    And do I understand that he is not retiring? He thinks he’s going to soldier on as “a ‘hard news’ investigative reporter”? HAHAHAHAHA Sweeeeeeeeet

  2. It’s also not like he’s actually going to go away. Now he’s gonna go on the Walter Cronkite Punditry Tour, and continue to act like some Voice of America with even less accountability than he has now.

  3. I, for one, will not be rejoicing, despite (or because of) three decades of relentless jackassery and self-regard. You cannot beat the entertainment of Dandy Dan losing his marbles each and every Election Night, and a Brian Williams-type future is not one I’m looking forward to.

  4. I’m hoping they go with some estrogen a la the Connie Chung experiment.

  5. Sarcasm is a powerful, spirit-lifting blessing, and that was a really nicely composed blog entry. It’s a Texas haiku.

  6. He`s hittin` the trail like a warm cow patty!

  7. “He has been an eyewitness to the most important events for more than 40 years and played a crucial role in keeping the American public informed about those events and their larger significance.”

    The arrogance is un-fucking-belivable. It’s not enough to simply “inform”. No, they need to INSTRUCT us on the “larger significance”.

    That’s why I simply can’t watch the news. I trust SpongeBob more then these jackasses. Reading the news isn’t that much better, but when the dogmatism sets in, one can simply switch to another article.

  8. “Dan’s dedication to his craft[…]”

    Oh, oh yes. Mr Rather was definitely dedicated to his…’craft’.


  9. The tension in the newsroom was thicker than Laredo barbecue sauce.

  10. Mr. Nice Guy,
    Molly Ivins has made a deal with SpongeBob to send him all those cute Texas zingers that DR used to use——–or mabey not.

  11. Does anyone over 60 watch network news? They’re an important demo because they vote but still.

  12. Crap. I meant “anyone under 60”. Getting senile already.

  13. Hey, Big “K”

    I’ve got your estrogen right here a la Ann Coulter: ..uncut and uncensored.

  14. I am actually going to miss dippy Dan. He brought so much drama and tension to the news. Sort of like day time television during the 6 O’Clock news. Oh, who am I kidding?

    Don’t let the door hit you in the can, Dan!

  15. err, where’re all the house reds (you know, the whiners) coming to his defense

    did they leave H&R after failing to turn libertarians stateside?

  16. I suspect network news as we know it is dead.

  17. Dead? Wouldn’t that mean it was once alive?

  18. Hey, where’s “Don’t Get Your Hopes Up?”

  19. Cloning research has only yet begun.

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