Peek-a-boo, Alberto!


Sure, Alberto Gonzales' attitudes about the Geneva Convention are interesting, but what does his house look like?

As Declan McCullagh's June cover story explored, it's amazing what modern databases can show.

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  1. I didn’t think Gonzales was that bad…

    Until I learned that he lives in a SUBDIVISION!

  2. but…

    it’s an intersection in a subdivision.

    i was figuring he was living next to Brian who now lives in julian’s apartment.

    or something like that.

    happy friday, all,

  3. That bio says that he worked at Vinson & Elkins until 1995. That was Enron’s law firm. I haven’t heard anything about this before, but I can imagine this being as issue in his confirmation.

  4. Hey, I can see my house!

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