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Via The Agitator comes the Spending Explosion flash game, in which you slap GOP officials with the Constitution (a Cato Pocket Constitution, to be exact) whack-a-mole style in an attempt to keep runaway spending under control. For extra verisimilitude, it appears to be a Kobayashi Maru. Random D.C. incestuousness aside: The game's designer, Brian Kieffer, now lives in my old apartment.

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  1. Man, I beat those guys senseless, prevented them from spending a single dollar, and I still lost. This calls for violent revolution.

  2. Wonderful! Add a few zingy embellishments and market this game!
    It should be marketed to students, starting in grade school, to teach them early the proper relationship between our Constitution and elected officials. Also, it conveys the attitude that the founders of our republic advised that we should have regarding those in power.

    But, there should definitely be congressional Democrats to whack as well since the Democrats in congress voted for even way more spending than Bush advocated, and way, way more spending than did their GOP counterparts in congress:

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