Yes, Another Reason to Subscribe to Reason (Veteran's Day Edition)


So some 20 TV stations won't air Saving Private Ryan, Stephen Speilberg's suspiciously timed baby boomer shout out to the Greatest Generation. Why are these stations acting so unpatriotically? Are they now affiliates of Al Jazeera, CBS, or some other anti-American cabal?

Nope, they're just afraid of the U.S.'s own Federal Communication Commission, which regulates content on broadcast TV and radio, hammering them with fines if viewers protest the violence and language in the World War II flick. Whole story here.

And the reason to subscribe to the glorious, in-living-color print edition of Reason, called "more interesting than any other political magazine I read" by Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds?

In our January issue, which is already in the hands of subscribers, we've got an in-depth, exclusive interview with the FCC's own Michael Powell, where we grill him on the fine-happy nimrods at his agency. And an equally in-depth, exclusive Q&A with Penn Jillette, who lays into those who would squelch free speech (and even the Dixie Chicks).

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