I'm Too Sexy for the House


Is your senator hot or not?

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  1. If we’re discussiong the US Senate, by definition…”NOT!”

  2. soooooooooo not…

  3. Man, we gots us some ugly-assed Senators.

  4. But the picture of Ted Kennedy as a giant hamburger somehow made it all worthwhile!

  5. If you’re talking about my senator, the answer, without going to the site for fear of actually having to see Barbara Mikulski, is an emphatic…


  6. Who was elected to the Senate for looks not brains?

  7. John Edwards

  8. Paul Sarbannes looks like the love child of Trent Lott and Bob Byrd.

  9. Was that a Michael Moore presentation?
    Gun grabbing senators score high—-
    Zell Miller,the Whig party?
    Who did the layover artistry?

  10. Patty Murray?
    Maria Cantwell?

    oh yeah, they’re hot…NOT!

  11. Wow, Reason Slashdotted the site.

  12. The site is overloaded so I’m tiding myself over thinking about Nanci Pelosi.

  13. Highway, what is UP with Barbara Mikulski? Does she have some kind of syndrome? Did her mother have some kind of exposure during pregnancy? That’s just not normal ugly.

  14. mmmm, Stephanie Herseth…

    If she’s got the ways, I’ve got the means!

  15. Well, someone ought to mention Mary Landrieu. She’s the only Senator who wouldn’t necessitate a 12-pack and a paper bag. Make that two paper bags. Plus the accent works. An accent that will make a guy sound like a mouth breathing goober works on a woman.

  16. I tink it’s cuz of growin’ up in East Bawlmer, hon. Maybe goin’ down’te oshin fer a vacation every year.

    Anyone who knows a Baltimore accent will be able to hear that perfectly. 🙂

    Amazingly, EJ Pipkin, no handsome contest winner himself, managed to find about the worst picture of her I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something, for a campaign ad against Mikulski. She looked like a mutant bulldog with teased out hair.

    Also note that BOTH of Maryland’s senators got picked out in a total of 16 comments. For shame…

  17. Neither Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins are hot, but they aren’t ugly either. I suppose my state could do a lot worse.

  18. Either Olympia Snowe used to be pretty hot or she had flattering photos taken. But lately, how can I put this?, she’s not exactly aging well.

  19. I’d shag Kay Bailey Hutchison.

  20. Hmmm. That Mary Landrieu is kind of a cutie. For an agent of Our Enemy, the State, that is.

    I think I’d enjoy rising up against her.

    Ditto for Stephanie Herseth.

    Hey! Fundraising idea for the Reason Foundation: Put together and sell a calendar of the hottest babes who are also fairly high-ranking political officials. Call it “Smashing Statists.”

    RH — I’m having a hard time finding an image of Susan Collins. Is this her?

  21. Pelosi? Skull mask? Geez, talk about putting the Wacko in Lonewacko. She’s one facelift away from a goatee.

    Geez, even Boxer and Feinstein are better. Which isn’t saying much.

  22. You guys are sick! Aren’t politics ugly enough? Wouldn’t you rather spend your valuable bandwidth on this?

  23. Stephanie Herseth (D-SD) in the House is hot.

  24. I used to have a crush on Benazir Bhutho.


  25. Katherine Harris of Florida is not a senator, so I guess she doesn’t qualify. And in most photos her face seems craggier than I like. (Too much sun? Or cigarettes?) But if you squint, her facial structure is basically sound. Plus, there’s a pic on the Internet of her sitting on a horse that shows she has a body and half. Ah, here it is:


    I’d be willing to rise up against her, also.

  26. Definitely Stephanie Herseth…

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