Rotten Tomato Alert


Reason's Nick Gillespie will be appearing on Dennis Miller tonight: 9PM Eastern Time, CNBC.

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  1. SPLAT!

    No, just kidding, give em hell Nick.

  2. I’ve heard Dennis Miller is a master potato cook!

  3. Boy am I embarrassed. I just realized that this whole Hit and Run thing is a bunch a frat boys having fun. Mea culpa. Have fun guys. I hope I picked an innocuous enough post to admit my stupidity on and that no one reads this.

  4. Would someone give the denouement for those of us barely able to afford dial-up, much less cable?

    English/ German lit major here.
    Help, you heartless engineers out there rolling in filthy lucre.

  5. I’m not sure what was more pathetic Miller’s giddinous about the Bush victory or Nick trying be funny

  6. Has anybody else here ever clicked on one of those blog ads to the right?
    (Not the guy with the six-pack abs dry-fuckin’ the carpet.)
    Nay, I’m talkin’ Natalie. Here’s what she said:

    “I made the first move. After that, everything fell in place. He was a relief. Not handsome but not hard to look at. No visible nose or ear hair. Breath only a little sour. And though he’s not well traveled, he’s smart and surprisingly funny. I could put up with him for a while.”

    Has Natalie taken our metric here or what?

  7. your previous appearance was far more entertaining, probably because neither your nor miller have yet recovered from bush’s victory

    when bush’s agenda ripens i hope you’ll go back and, while the rapport on miller’s set is Hit & Miss, you’ve got potential as a talking head in that forum

    if reason ever appends the ‘ertarian’ back onto its current ‘lib’ ethos it’ll then be worthy of promotion again

  8. Yeah, that “seduction” ad took me a full ten minutes exloring the site to figure out what it was actually for. On the other hand, I guess they did convince me to actually spend ten minutes wandering around their site. I’m sure there’s a proper Postrelian position on this, but it’s late and I’m too punchy to try and derive it.

    Also, it was Guy Fawkes Day and all the Assassination Politics crowd failed to come through with the snarkprophetic comments. For shame.

  9. Fuck Dennis Miller.

  10. I’ve seen better from Nick.

    Dennis Miller is just a fucktard. It completely eludes me how anybody finds him funny.

  11. You guys are being way to hard on the Man in Black (not the dead one).

    I thought it was pretty cool that my kids, who were bitching because we changed the channel from Boomerang to watch Miller’s show, actually wanted to know who all those people on TV with Nick were.

    True enough, Miller seems to have lost his edge, I’ve seen the show a few times and it is real obvious why Miller hasn’t replaced Letterman or Leno.

  12. And on a slightly different note, Natalie just doesn’t do it for me. You can have all my share. That kind of stuff is just way to tedious to expend the effort to find out that you don’t get to see her naked and you don’t want the crap they’re selling either. Besides, if she shed her clothes you would be dissappointed anyway because the makeup can’t quite hide the Mattel logo that was stamped on her ass when she left the factory.

  13. notherbob2 and graham, what are you complaining about? Be specific, otherwise you look like dorks.

  14. I can’t be bothered to look at the seduction ad, but has anyone here masturbated to the bald sweaty guy? It okay, you can admit it, I won’t tell.

  15. CD, if YOU had actually watched the show that this ENTIRE thread is about you would KNOW what I’m talking about. And it wasn’t even a complaint. Right now you look like the dork. I dont know baout netherbob though.

  16. Sorry, Graham, I don’t get HBO. Don’t get discombobulated about the ‘d’ word; I meant it in a light-hearted way.

    Oh, you still haven’t said what was so embarassing about the show. Can anyone describe what went down?

  17. Oops, I see the show was on CNBC. I was confusing it with a recent appearance by Andrew Sullivan and Noam Chomsky on Bill Maher’s HBO show – that’s one I really wish I could have seen.

  18. CD, the only potential embarrassment is that Nick wants to do all the mom chicks from American Pie.

    No word yet on how that went over with Mrs. G. but my guess is Nick was on the couch last night.

  19. that seduction ad, when I saw that I figured it was the one from that Aquos commercial where she runs into the street and the car swerves, and it pans back and you were watching a tv on tv, and it says ‘’ I had no desire to see what happens next, so didn’t click on the link or go to the website after seeing the commercial.

  20. Hey Cavanaugh,
    I missed it and now can’t find a transcript, on CNBC’s website or on Nexis. Any chance of posting it here?


    You know, if someone happens to know someone who knows someone with the intardnet abilities to do such amazing feats of mpeggery. Get with it, and then notify my HQ/e-mail address, or post the URL here. You know, any which way is cool. Even .mov, or .avi which I find entirely suitable for my pornography, and therefore can only logically conclude will be more than high powered enough for this Reasonite/oid televised political intervention.

    Also, Dennis Mill needs to be beat in the face with something. A tire perhaps. Other than that, I have nothing against the fellow. I just don’t like the way his face played out. Maybe it’s gotten better. I don’t want to go jumping to any conclusions or anything.

    Anyway, all that placed securely on the back burner: VIDEO! Cause it sounds like a lot of good fun and also, my 200gb HDD isn’t completely full, which means I didn’t complete it the whole game! Cankerously uncool! 🙁

  22. Did you just try to link (“iron lung”) Arafat with fuckable housewives and such?

    You sir, have just been submitted to win a totally authentic, non-chocolate (no promises) NOBEL PRIZE.

    BTW, I submitted it to all categories. Twice. That’ll get their attention!

  23. Graham, do you have a link to a Sullivan/Chomsky download?

  24. When do you suppose the last time our local Nick bashers were on Miller’s show?

  25. I dont have any links to downloads at this time. I also dont have TiVo, a VCR, DVD or any of those things to record it myself.

  26. All I have to say is Nick looked quite hot!

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