Don't You Go to Sleep Yet!


CNN's John King just reported that Karl Rove expects Nevada and New Mexico to be called for Bush tonight, and that the president will unilaterally declare victory within an hour.

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  1. please God just let it split evenly – let Kerry get iowa and bush and kerry can split the remaining 40

  2. Well, its up to Ohio (and the other states) to determine who the victor is in that state, not Bush. Clearly Bush is confused about his role as it is described in the Constitution. Then again, he’s also the idiot who claims that its America’s duty to rid the world of tyranny; where he got that gloss from I don’t know. 🙂

    Nevada was already called for Bush according to Yahoo:

    New Mexico Report: Bush is ahead by 30,000; there are 70,000 Ballots not counted and there are 60,000 provisional ballots still in play.

  3. Please make it 269 – 269 and Richie Robb actually changes his vote.
    Just to make this whole thing more exciting.

  4. just guessing but…sleep now in the fire

  5. With CNN calling NM as ‘too close’ right on the heels of reporting that Rove is asking networks to call NM for Bush…

    … that feels like CNN flexing a little. ‘Don’t try to push us around, guys.’

    Asking CNN to call one way or the other seemed a little sleazy to me. It’s kind of late at night for Bush to make a serious impact with a speech anyway.

  6. Of course he’s going to declare victory unilaterally. Why not, after all he just has to have Kerry arrested as an enemy combattant and sent to Gitmo to await a “trial” that may not come for a couple of years.

    Remeber that W says he can (and has JD backup) detain any American indefinately during the “War on Terror”.

    Best for Kerry if he loses.

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