The Networks Come Calling


CNN has called Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Georgia for Bush, and Vermont for Kerry. No surprises there. Bear in mind that one Republican elector in West Virginia has announced that he might bolt to Kerry or vote None Of The Above.

The CNN site is diligently including third-party results, which is good to see.

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  1. Does West Virginia have laws mandating that electors vote for their party’s candidate? It would be interesting to see one of those laws actually get tested in the courts.

  2. It does not. Indeed, in 1988 a West Virginia elector flipped her ticket and voted Bentsen for pres., Dukakis for VP.

  3. I like the unbiased coverage of the election from CNN: “Solid support from whites, regular churchgoers and voters with incomes above $50,000 helped President Bush score a handful of early victories after the first round of poll closings, according to early exit poll data.” Just a subtle reminder that bush is EVIL!! unbelievable.

  4. I’ve never thought of middle income people, churchgoers, and white people as particularly evil, but whatever…

  5. Who are the lone independents elected to the House and Senate? I can’t find any info on Inquiring minds want to know!

  6. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, and Jim Jeffords, I-VT

  7. “Just a subtle reminder that bush is EVIL!!”

    Only if you think that white, regular churchgoing voters with above $50K incomes are evil.

    Which they are – voters are evil.

  8. If you’re really that embarrassed about the demographic groups that make up your party’s base, perhaps you should ask why they’re supporting that party, and whether you really want to align yourself with them.

  9. Joe,

    Does that mean I should throw over the pot-smoking, dog-fucking, gold-bug kooks of the LP and become a nanny-state, social engineer?

    If Badnarik adds another few hundred thousand votes to the 317 he currently has in New Jersey he’ll be all caught up. (One of those might be mine although the Camden County Clerk could have “lost” my absentee ballot.)

    Damn you, two party system!

  10. I don’t think the GOP is any more monolithic than the Democrats in terms of demographics. Nor does either party have a monopoly on wealthy supporters (or corporate benefactors, for that matter). It’s all well and good to say such things as part of the standard campaign rhetoric, but it’s nonsense. I’d say that’s where Brinck Slattery was coming from.

    Gosh, I dislike these candidates. Can we voters rebel and select a new slate?

  11. right pro libertate… I just thought that was an odd headline. By the way, I was one of three people to vote for Badnarik in my VT county! Yes, Democracy in action!

  12. Do you think we could influence Mayor Robb to vote for Badnarik if we took up a collection for his favorite charity?

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