Pay No Attention to the Blogs Behind the Curtain


Absent actual news to fill their wall-to-wall election coverage, CNN's anchors are stopping at least once every five minutes to remind us all how incredibly cautious and journalistically responsible they're being about projecting winners most of the states where polls are closing. How long before the ubiquity of the relevant numbers online makes their solicitous silence look patently ridiculous?


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  1. Hard not to notice that. Same thing over at CBS. Rather is in full stream-of-downhome-consciousness mode, which is kinda fun to witness.

  2. Yeah, really.

    Oh, boo-hoo, Kerry’s up by 37 points in Rhode Island, but only 92% of precincts have reported, so we’re not calling it yet. Please don’t hurt us!

    Amazing how easily the MSM is cowed by Republicans.

  3. Hey–let’s be thankful they’re timid. I would rather see them stay their hand rather than pull a 2000. Not often mentioned, but some people questioned how many votes in the panhandle were turned off when CNN et al. called Florida for Gore. All anecdotal, of course, but stories of “I turned around and went home” ran rampant. I’d rather have people with access to millions of homes be safer. If for no other reason, people don’t instinctively trust blogs as much as they (for some reason) trust their TV…

  4. The blog community gets a pretty nice MSM tailcoat to ride with them paying for all this exit polling and you all getting the leaks and reporting them ahead of time…

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