Senate Update


Fox is projecting a gain of at least two seats for Republicans in the Senate, giving them a majority of at least 53, 54 if Tom Daschle loses in South Dakota. Continued Republican control of the Senate, coupled with a Bush victory (Florida now seems to be going his way), raises the prospect of four more years in which the president fails to veto a single bill and Congress gives him everything he asks for. Woo hoo.

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  1. Yep. Just bloody fucking wonderful. I was really hopeful earlier today. Now I’m just looking forward to four more years of the same old bullshit, with only a prayer that the Democrats might retake Congress in two years. Fucking Bush. Fucking Republicans, betraying the whole “smaller government” thing. I’m really hoping that Ohio goes Kerry; that’s the only prayer we have for the next four years. But it looks very, very bad.

  2. Grylliade, I’m with you. When I saw earlier today that Kerry looked sure to win, I was surprised at how happy I felt… maybe CA is just rubbing off on me. But now it looks like Bush will win… again. And I’m not happy about it. Oh well.

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Badnarik.

  3. It’s never been more obvious that the public votes their “gut” rather than substantive issues. And by “gut” I mean social issues. When states like Utah continue to completely ignore their (and their descendants) pocketbooks, that’s the only explanation. There’s a real possibility that a Kerry win could mean less government spending — like the Clinton years — and yet issues like gay marriage and abortion continue to dominate the red states. I’m not discounting the war in Iraq either, because I continue to believe that there’s no substantive difference between Bush and Kerry on defense.

  4. Is “woohoo” one word or two words? Either way, WOOHOO!

  5. Oh yeah, “boo hoo” are definitely two words.

  6. Well, if Bush wins and no longer needs to worry about re-election, and if the GOP increases its majority in the Senate and House, then there are no more excuses. I wonder what people on this forum will say if the GOP continues to increase the size of gov’t. When can we stop blaming it on Democrats and start blaming it on the GOP?

    Then again, it’s not like my strategy of voting LP produced any great gains this year. Oh well.

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