Keyes Defeats Obama!


Just kidding.

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  1. You guys are bored.

  2. I kinda like Keyes. I don’t know if it’s his confident rhetoric and unusual ability to speak in principles, or if it’s that he sounds like one of the Tom Brothers… but I just like something about him.

  3. N’unt ah! I just got the tab for Pretty Vacant…dun dun da da dun dun dee dee dun dun da da dun dun dee dee……

  4. Know what this means?

    You need to get your ass to church!

  5. PRINCIPLE????? keyes??????

    micropalooza is that you? if it is:
    you have got to be shitting me. oh yeah, i guess lenin was of principle, too. balls. maybe you’re a hardcore fundie? otherwise, his holier-than-thou, false dichotomy, fallacy of affirming the consequent style should make you sick.

    badnarik got our two votes here…

  6. I would have thought that Stalin could do better than ten percent if he was endorsed by a major party. This is heartening evidence that people actually know something about the candidate other than their party affiliation. Apparently forty percent of the registered Republicans went for Obama.

    How many elections does Keyes have to lose before the Republicans become ashamed of their perennial token black candidate?

  7. I voted for him.

  8. sorry andy d. wrong person – andy “micropalooza” just emailed. whoops. nevermind.

    (i still don’t think keyes sounds smart, logical, or principled – he’s a goddamned fundie carpetbagger)

  9. Sorry if I’m remembering some older version of Keyes when he could make some decent free-market arguments. I didn’t know that religious right nuttery obliterated those facts. And you can’t attack me for being positive on Keyes when I compare him to the Tom Brothers! Remember the uncle tom brothers?… Tom and Tom?

    Anyway, Keyes would have a wonderful speaking style… if it weren’t for his diversions into religious nuttery… and he always wears such nice watches….

  10. Keyes lost to Obama at a lower margin than (L)Sailor lost to (D) Jesse Jackson JR


  11. And the phrase “my baby’s daddy” was just uttered as Mrs. Obama introduced her hubby.

  12. I’m sitting in the middle of Chicago, and I’m hopeful that the natives will be so happy about electing to the senate the man who will be the first black president, that they won’t riot when Bush gets re-elected tonight, thereby sparing me an ugly fate.

  13. Obama’s wife is a hottie!

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