Despite my part-time membership in the Order of the Shrill, BuzzMachine's post-election pledge sounds utterly welcome. I just heard from my father earlier today a couple stories of longstanding friendships and even, maybe, a marriage falling apart over disagreements about the election. My bootless hope is that by next week, we'll be the guys in Ghostbusters II shaking ourselves to our senses as the bad-vibe slime is hosed off.

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  1. And I for one welcome our new overlord, whoever he may be.

  2. I’m going with the counter pledge. Cause, in the end, it’s what I would do anyway.

  3. I’m afraid it is very optimistic for anyone of us to expect the “bad-vibe slime” to be “hosed off” any time soon. I suppose there are dirty tricks in every election, but the number of slimey tactics and the breadth of the organization of those tactics simply gagged me. Brigades of lawyers on the ground is something to be found in some other country, not this one.

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