Coburn the Quitter Comes Back


So conservative Republican Tom Coburn–not nearly as cool as James–has been designated the winner of a highly contested Senate seat in Oklahoma.

Coburn is getting props galore from the Fox News Crew for having kept to his pledge to serve only three terms in the House and then hit the road back to that godforsaken oil patch even Will Rogers hated. Which he did. In fact, Coburn was one of the folks Reason interviewed a few years back on exactly that score.

What was it he said back in 2000, as the House door was hitting him on the ass on his way home? That he had no future political plans because the DC crowd was filled with jackasses, etc. Indeed, the Sooner even praised himself–so rare in a politician!–for setting a good example not seen since Geo. Washington declined God-Emperor status in these United States:

Hopefully, more people will see the wisdom of a short period of service up here. Why would you want to come up here to stay? Ask yourself that question. What is it that addicts someone to Washington? Most people who want to do that have a deep-seated insecurity or they wouldn't be up here in the first place.

Well, welcome back, Rep.–er, Sen.–Coburn. It's like you and your deep-seated insecurity were never gone! And here's wondering whether you still think Cuba is a shining model of how to deal with AIDS (read about it in the Reason Q&A).