Michael Barone is on Fox more or less confirming Bush spin on Florida, to wit, key counties seem to be breaking Bush in the north and central part of the state.

Better still this prompted Mort Kondracke to spill that the exit polls had Kerry on top in Florida 52-48 and that the "presumption" was that Kerry was "going to run the board" in a number of states.

I, for one, believe Barone as I once had a beer with him in San Diego. Yeah, I'm cheap.

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  1. Bush is back up to 40% on Tradesports, while S&P and NASDAQ futures have rebounded slightly in after-hours trade. If he pulls this one out, it’ll be one of the blackest eyes given to the Efficient Market Theory in my memory.

  2. Jeff,
    Both Barone and Kondracke remind me of my years as a stockbroker: too close to the trees to see the forest.
    Speaking of polls, I’d bet two thirds of stock brokers take the 3 thousand dollar short term capital loss and carry forward the remainder year after year.
    (It’s been a while since I did that, and tax laws may have changed, but you get my drift.)

  3. The markets crashed on exit poll news, it was an unfounded panic.

  4. My crackpot theory of the day:

    The MSM put out phony exit-poll numbers to make the bloggers look bad.

  5. I’m afraid I need to know the type of beer Barone was drinking before I’ll decide whether to trust him.

  6. Barone always has struck me as pleasant and trustworthy. He does lots of serious political analysis compared to most of these hacks they keep shoving out there.

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