Push Polls


USA Today notes that in its final poll (done with CNN and Gallup) for the election season, Bush is up 49 percent to 47 percent over Kerry. However, when they throw in undecided votes and allocate those votes as going 9 out of 10 for the challenger (a historic trend), then things are dead even.

Details here. One curious tidbit buried in the various diagrams: The percentage of Americans who think invading Iraq was a mistake has dropped from its previous high and is at 44 percent (52 percent think it was "no mistake".) Whether than portends anything, who knows?

We'll find out tomorrow. Or by Wednesday morning. Or maybe in a couple of months. Here's hoping no longer than Wednesday afternoon.

Here's blast from Reason's past that may prove relevant: A debate between Richard Epstein and Mike Godwin over the Supreme Court's decision regarding Election 2000.