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In CounterPunch, the maverick leftist Bruce Anderson describes Mendocino County as a dictatorship of the hippies.

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  1. Choose your poison, folks. Mendocino County or say, Sugarland, TX.

  2. That’s an easy one: Mendocino is closer to Humboldt.

  3. .. I’m just always happy to see a Firesign Theatre reference ..

  4. Hey Todd-
    Humbolt actually has nothing to what Mendo has always put out.

    One spring morning back in the 1970s, as a clusters of little hippie kids waited for the big yellow school bus to carry them to classrooms as dull and reactionary as the ones their alienated parents had fled for
    California’s backwoods, a Louisiana-Pacific helicopter, spraying the freshly-logged hills with herbicides to prevent non-commercial re-vegetation, heedlessly sprayed the little Rainbows and Karmas as they waited for their school buses.

    lol, I was one of those kids waiting for the bus and nearly every male adult in my family worked for LP, prior to the spotted owl invasion!

  5. I did some business in Humboldt one time. I seem to recollect that they built a new jail and its first resident was the local sheriff. Imagine that.

  6. SHOES, as you already realize, if we just take a step back most days we’re quick to realize We’re All Just Bozos on This Bus.

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