Stern Cross-Examines Michael Powell


Jeff Jarvis has the transcript.

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  1. a) Good on Howard for holding Powell’s balls to the wall and asking some questions that needed to be asked (esp. around the FCC holding licenses over stations heads to pressure stations into settling)

    b) Howard’s still a hypocritical douchbag. Ask Viacom/Infinity jocks how long they’ll last at the company if they mention Howard’s name in anything less than flattering terms. Howard will throw his weight around much like the FCC to keep his arbitrary standards of “don’t talk bad about me” enforced.

    I can’t wait until Sirius crumbles under the weight of what they’re paying Stern. If there’s a God Infinity will grab O&A from XM as Howard’s replacement. At least then morning radio will be tolerable again.

  2. hope reason didn’t pussy out in the dec. issue interview with powell…

  3. Howard is a whiny bitch.

  4. howard stern has always mystified me. he’s got this sort of intelligence-lowering guido magnet aura about him. the whole thinking he’s a radio version of the crucified jesus thing doesn’t help.

  5. what i would not give for a certain president to embrace an actual adversarial debate for the edification of the public!

    powell, regardless of how he perceives the duties of his office, is to be commended for remembering and honoring the fundamental importance of unmitigated public discourse.

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