Kerry Routs Redmond


Slate has come out with its quadrennial presidential staff poll, and Kerry just murdalized Bush, 46-4, with one vote apiece going to Greenie David Cobb and the LP's Michael Badnarik. (I counted the votes of non-citzens, too.) This is an even more Democratic result than the 2000 poll, which came out 30-4-3-2 (Gore-Bush-Nader-Browne). Slate staffers also write brief explanations; the most notable tidbit I saw was that the King of Liberal Hawks, Christopher Hitchens, who last week backed Bush, has now come out for Kerry. Editor Jacob Weisberg makes the quadrennial case for journalistic disclosure, remarking: "Repressed politics, like repressed sexuality, tends to find an outlet of one kind or another."

Reason's poll of staff and prominent libertarians is here; my argument for the straight press to disclose is here.