Campaign Politics: Better Than Sox?


Those with an allergy to sports metaphors in politics had best shut your eyes tight these next two weeks, especially if the Astros from Bush's Houston win tonight to earn a date with Kerry's Red Sox.

The champagne on last night's historic Yankee-killing was barely dry when the presidential ramifications began rolling in. Day to Day's Ken Rudin pointed out this morning that the only times the Red Sox reached the World Series in election years (1912 and 1916), the Democrats won.'s Scott Elliott wondered "how many Yankee fans in neighboring New Jersey will decide not to vote for Kerry, an avid Red Sox fan"? The Corner is busy pooh-poohing the prospects of a "Bosox Bounce" (though if this letter to John Derbyshire doesn't make you glad the longhairs vanquished the pinstripes, nothing will); meanwhile the campaign press is mocking the Democrat's fandom: "Kerry watched the game in his Ohio hotel suite on Wednesday night. Some reporters were ushered in to see him seated with aides in a stilted photo-op as he watched the game."

If you thought the Red Sox metaphor couldn't extend to non-candidate Bill Clinton, you thought wrong. "I think President Clinton is the Curt Schilling of this election. He may need a high-top shoe," Democrat pollster Peter Hart told the Cybercast News Service, in reference to the Bubba's increased presence in the final days of the campaign. My favorite take, though, comes from Benjamin Gruenbaum, a northeastern liberal Sox/Kerry supporter, writing in The Cornell Daily Sun:

The Red Sox and Kerry are both the good guys in their respective battles, but the way they fight is very different. For one thing, the Sox don't pretend to be anything but what they are.

Ouch! That whole column is worth a look; for nostalgiacs, here's a November 2000 article I wrote about the hilarious, too-good-to-be-true baseball differences between George Bush and Al Gore. And for those who hate baseball metaphors even more than baseball, consider this Ken Rudin-supplied horror: If the World Series goes the full seven games, and there are two rainouts along the way, Game 7 would be played on Election Day.

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  1. Plus if Houston beats St. Louis, we’ll have tired Texas vs. Massachusetts metaphors all over the place.

    Go Cards!

  2. “And Go Cardinals (or Astros) in the Blue State vs. Red State rumble in the World Series!”

    Does Missouri really count as a red state? I thought we were a swing state (albeit one that seems to be gradually swinging toward W). I’m so confused….

  3. My first thoughts on the NY-vs-BoSox was RepubConvention-vs-DemConvention location.

  4. J,
    Even more silly is rooting for Houston as the red state team. Everyone I know from non-Houston Texas says that Houston isn’t “real” Texas, it’s just where all the liberals live.

    It’s baseball, politics hasn’t belong within 90 feet of the sport since the finest club in America broke the color barrier.

  5. Austin = Liberal Texas
    Houston = Liberal compared with Waco

  6. I can go you one better…

    If the WS is played to a seventh game, it would take place in Boston on Halloween night. Wouldn’t it be great if Sox reliever Michael Myers took the mound during that game? I’d really like to see him mow down the NL opposition [old-school hockey mask optional].

  7. Thanks for the info Kevin. My TX pals are pretty conservative, so I didn’t know.

  8. A final World Series game on Election Day? How exactly am I supposed to run a polling place if everybody is “sick” that day? ;->

  9. Both the Cardinals and the Red Sox are in RED uniforms. The vanquished Yanks wore BLUE pinstripes. What color are Astro uniforms?

  10. The Astros uniform brickish red and beige, known as ‘blood and mud’. They look nice, but to true fans the only Astros uniforms are those with rainbows and 70’s ‘Mr. Pibb’ writing.

    Go ‘Stros!!

  11. OK, I’m from Massachusetts and a lifelong Red Sox fan so I am an expert witness here so listen close because I’m only going to say this once: The Red Sox are not, repeat not, John “Manny Ortiz” Kerry’s team. I have no doubt that prissy snob has never been to a ball game in his life that wasn’t calculated to serve some political end…probably sitting in a high visibility area that kept him safe from sitting near any common people. Anyone linking the team to Kerry simply because they are from the same state is simply wrong.
    Go Red Sox!! Go Badnarik!!

  12. The Dems and the Sox may have this in common: as Johnny Damon put it, these Red Sox are “just a bunch of idiots.”

  13. just if the friggin red sox win, the rest of us can then stop hearing their whining about being “cursed”. i guess for them, no shot at the crown is better than going. how else can they be masochisticly “worse off” than the cubbies or white sox, to pick two teams?

    cubs – last time in series: 1945. white sox? 1959. red sox? once in the 60s, 70s, 80s. and now. boo hoo. cry me a friggin river for this “cursed” club. there’s two other clubs that are wanting more. and we don’t ever hear a peep about the chisox, perhaps the most cursed team of all… at least the schadenfreude of watching the yank-mes lose was great. but cursed? no. a bunch of whining (m)assholes? you bet.

    go cards. keep the world series out of the northeast.


  14. Wow drf, that sure seemed like concentrated whining to me. And, just as a point of fact, I’ve heard Cubs fans talking about the “curse of the goat” for years. How much did that Cubs fan spend to buy that “cursed ball” last year only to destroy it?

  15. So when the Sox were in the Series during election years, the Democrats won? Yep, two ninety year old data points really do indicate an unbreakable trend!

  16. Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik, just released Good to be King: The Foundation of our Constitutional Freedom on Amazon (Ranked #47)

    Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) reviewed the book as follows: ?Michael Badnarik has created a constitutional primer that will edify and entertain school children and seasoned libertarians alike. Good to be King presents a thoroughly readable explanation of how our constitutional republic should work, and how the system became broken in the first place.?

  17. Not sure about that — Republicans have won every presidential election within one year or less of a Cubs division championship — 1984 and 1988. And they won the division last year, so looks to be a lock for Bush. 😉

  18. Yeah, and we’ve elected a Libertarian President in EVERY YEAR that a Texas-based team has gone to the World Series.

  19. No No No, drf! We’ve got to stand together. You people are the only ones who know what it’s like!

    I remember the playoffs last year, hoping that the Cubs made the series. I even thought, if the Sox lose to the Cubs, it won’t even really be that bad.

    You spend a lot of time meditating on the various shades of defeat when you root for the Red Sox. But I’m sure you understand.

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