Greenpeace to Outlaw Lightning


Just kidding. But surely when the uber-environmentalists hear that lightning genetically modifies bacteria, they'll want to give Mother Nature a good talking-to.

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  1. Please correct the spelling of “lightning”!

  2. But surely when Ron Bailey hears that lightening sometimes destroys private property, he’ll want to give Mother Nature a good talking-to.

  3. Actually, the spelling isn’t completely wrong, if you like old school spelling. But yes, the electrical discharge is usually lightning, and lightening is usually making things lighter.

  4. jc,



    I always give Mother Nature a good talking-to, the bitch. That’s why I favor civilization, science, technology and private property.

  5. joe,

    Maybe you’d like to cite a reference where Ron Bailey comes out against lightning rods.

  6. It’s not that I think lightning is wrong or bad, I just think it is implemented poorly.

  7. Greenpeace may also want to look into the fact that the chances of lightning strikes are greatly increased when large amounts of dihydrogen monoxide are present in the air.

  8. Wow, mysogenistic language AND anti-environmentalism!

    I never knew Bailey was such a Genesis kind of guy.

  9. joe,

    Actually I’m very pro-environment, but I am against ideological environmentalism. Policies embraced by ideological environmentalists, i.e., expanding the global commons in various areas, will end up doing even more grievous damage to the environment while at the same time ensuring that billions of people remain impoverished.

    Calling Mother Nature a bitch–it’s a joke, maybe a bad joke, but a joke. Lighten up please!

  10. Yeah, lighten up, joe, he could have called her a Heinz-Kerry, after all.

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