More Vote-Disclosure, Coming Home Edition


The American Conservative, Pat Buchanan's magazine, has come up with the conservative cases for Kerry, Badnarik, Nader, Peroutka (twice!), and not voting. There is one endorsement for the sitting president, and that comes from none other than serial Bush antagonist Patrick J. Buchanan. Why? Sure, it's because he "cannot endorse the candidate of Michael Moore, George Soros, and Barbra Streisand," but the longer reason is more interesting: Basically, paleo-cons have a reason to believe they are gaining traction in the intra-conservative tug-of-war:

[I]nside the Republican Party, a rebellion is stirring. Tom Tancredo is leading the battle for defense of our borders. While only a handful of Republicans stood with us against the war in Iraq, many now concede that we were right. As Franklin Foer writes in the New York Times, our America First foreign policy is now being given a second look by a conservative movement disillusioned with neoconservative warmongering and Wilsonian interventionism.

There is a rumbling of dissent inside the GOP to the free-trade fanaticism of the Wall Street Journal that is denuding the nation of manufacturing and alienating Reagan Democrats. The celebrants of outsourcing in the White House have gone into cloister. The Bush amnesty for illegal aliens has been rejected. Prodigal Republicans now understand that their cohabitation with Big Government has brought their country to the brink of ruin and bought them nothing. But if we wish to be involved in the struggle for the soul of the GOP—and we intend to be there—we cannot be AWOL from the battle where the fate of that party is decided.