Why the Government Maybe Shouldn't Hand out Journalism Awards


According to this L.A. Times editorial, the Education Department paid the PR firm Ketchum around $100,000 to

conduct a survey rating media stories about the No Child Left Behind Act. Articles were ranked by how frequently and favorably they mentioned the law, and got extra credit for fawning on the Bush administration and the Republican Party.

You'll never guess who won an award!

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  1. OK, I’ll say it: who won the award?

  2. Aspey defended the video as a way to help people understand the law’s offer of tutoring. “Frankly, one has to wonder about the motives of those who are against informing parents that they have options,” she said.

    Oh, yeah. This gal has a brilliant future at Dewey, Ketchum, Cheatum and Howe. Why do they always resort to spin? Must think we’re idiots.

  3. Education Secretary Rod Paige.

  4. I need an award for something. How do I apply?

  5. Speaking of big PR firms, did you hear that two former actors from the Happy Days series just bought a controlling interest in Saatchi & Saatchi?

    They’re going to rename it Saatchi & Saatchi & Potsie & Chachi.

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