One Small Score for Two Brown Eyes


John Crowley, one of my favorite novelists, has written a thoughtful appreciation of Pogo, arguably the greatest American comic strip.

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  1. Great post – Thanks, it makes my day. An appreciation of Kelly’s Pogo is crucial to sane development.

  2. Crockett Johndon’s _Barnaby_ was the greatest American comic strip.

  3. Ron: Barnaby is definitely up there. Did you ever read the sequence in which Barnaby’s fairy godfather gets elected to Congress? Fookin brilliant.

    But Pogo‘s even better.

  4. Gorgon, the dog that discovers he can talk “Good grief, I can talk!” and soon launches into page-long shaggy dog stories, is my favorite. He had a small part in O’Malley’s election campaign, substituting G.G Vest’s Eulogy of the Dog for the big radio speech.

    Anyway I liked it as a small kid in the collections, and here it is, still good. Pogo I never understood. I mean, why it was entertaining. It seems like mostly trite ironies.

  5. Had I begun reading Pogo when I was as old as I am today, I might have a different opinion, but Al Capp gets my vote as number 1.
    Best currently, general category, is Lynn Johnston, the Canadian. Best in political satire category is Berkeley Breathed.

  6. Ron: Are you sure you’re thinking about Pogo? I’m sure every strip has at least occasionally offered its readers a trite irony, but Pogo was more a place for baroque absurdity.

  7. Friends would occasionally point Pogo out and say how great it was. I could never see it. Sort of, um, okay. On the other hand, I knew a guy who said that he’d never gotten a single Far Side cartoon. That’s right down my alley. Humor is not a single thing.

    Is it my lack of cynicism? Cynicism is a political position in a democracy, one way to avoid compromising yourself, one way to react to inevitable failures. More of a fix-it attitude is more appealing to me.

  8. When you said “two brown-eyes”, I thought you meant Kerry and Bush!

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