Bowtie vs. Bluenose


Using the most newfangled technologies of the World Wide Web (the graphical and multimedia portion of the internet), I have finally gotten around to seeing the widely discussed Jon Stewart slapfest. As I'm sure you've all been on tenterhooks wondering "Which way's Cavanaugh gonna lean on this one?" my two cents:

It's true that Carlson was not well served in the exchange and lost his cool in a fairly uninteresting way, but Jon Stewart comes off as the most sanctimonious horse's ass I've seen in a long time. Could he possibly be any more cutesy with that cherubic look of wounded innocence? It's a wonder Carlson didn't just take a swipe at Stewart's piously pursed lips, particularly when Stewart fell back on his tired "I'm just a simple caveman" routine. As far as TV displays by supremely self-absorbed public figures go, I'll take John Edwards' womanish hair-mussing over Stewart's simpering plaintiveness any day.