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This is an old story that a friend just forwarded along, and is still cool enough to post: Heretofore isolated Nepalese yak farmers are keeping in touch with friends and family via a Himalayan WiFi network that reaches where phone lines don't.


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  1. Not sure if Himalaya has a government, but I’ll bet, if it had caught wind of this scheme, it would have tried to put the kibosh on it in favor of something more expensive.

  2. you’re joking, right?

  3. As a Nepalese yak, I mourn the loss of intimacy between myself and my formerly lonely and isolated owner.

  4. Yak,
    you’re joking, right?

  5. Ruthless,

    Don’t judge me.

  6. Judge you!
    Are you bull or cow?

  7. yak yak yak

    It’s a cow, of course.

  8. Douglas,
    yuk yuk yuk

  9. “Are you bull or cow?”

    And don’t limit me with your western notions of gender and sexuality. Nepalese nights can be long and cold.

    So, what are you wearing?

  10. Yakety Yak.


  11. My Wi-Fi barely reaches downstairs. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

  12. I was once on a date with a horny cow
    But it’s a different situation now
    Now I’m on a blog with a randy yak
    That wants a shag (it’s a shaggy yak)

    If you were a human, and not a yak
    I’d be willing to shag ya, make the beast with two backs
    Assuming you’re a her, not a him, I’ll lay ya
    But about those herders of yaks in Himalaya…

    When they used to venerate a votary Dalai
    I bet they never even used a rotary dial, I
    Guess they went directly to tapping wireless keys
    And now they can talk to whomever they please

  13. I just realized that my poetry above can be sung/rapped to the tune of the theme song from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire.”


  14. Better to keep in touch with WiFi than have to wait for the Monday morning get-together at Yak in the Box.

  15. Okay, here’s the real deal, Yak:
    Does your dung burn with an oderless, blue flame?

  16. Oh Ruthless, I love it when you talk dirty. Burp.

  17. Wow, yesterday there was a fake J, now there’s a fake Yak. It’s getting so you can’t even believe complete strangers on a largely anonymous message board.

    “Does your dung burn with an oderless, blue flame?”

    What an exceedingly strange question! And one that displays your intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the bovine digestive system. You’re probably also aware then that yak farts, when lit, create an intense chartreuse flame that can be seen from low earth orbit. Little known fact. Honest.
    Is it getting warm yet?

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