Talking Back to the TSA


The indefatigible defender of air travel privacy Bill Scannell, of Alaska Freedom lawsuit fame, guides us to this easy way to let the Transportation Security Administration know what you think about Secure Flight, the successor to CAPPS-II. Quick anti-Secure Flight talking points are also provided.


NEXT: Safeguards in the PATRIOT Act

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  1. You realize, (don’t you?) that The Perfect is now, officially, The Enemy-Of-The-Good when it comes to selecting passengers for more intensive screening?
    Since no one can agree on what the new system should look like, we’re still using…
    and will continue to use, for the foreseeable future…
    wait for it…
    that’s right, you guessed it: we’re still using…
    the PRE-NINE-ELEVEN system!

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