Rock the Vote!


A voter registration drive goes the extra mile in swing-state Ohio–paying someone to file false registration forms in crack cocaine.

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  1. Nice headline. Heh.

  2. “Nice headline. Heh.”

    Very fitting, indeed.

  3. Crackheads everywhere are being disenfranchised by this. How dare John Ashcroft and the Republicans engage in this voter terrorism!!

  4. Hmmm. This now lends legitimacy to the response a rational thinker has when confronting leftist ideas – Are you on crack?

  5. Was Marion Barry in charge of this voter registration effort?

  6. Is the Supreme Court considered a “swing state”?

  7. Is the Supreme Court considered a “swing state”?

    With 44% of the Justices guaranteed to go one way, 44% guaranteed to go the other way, and an 11% swing vote bloc (O’Connor), I’d say that the Supreme Court is the epitome of a swing state! 😉

  8. If Mickey mouse and Fred Flintstone show up to vote, we may have a problem with fraudulent voter registration. If not, the only people who were defrauded are the NAACP, who were evidently paying for filled out registration forms.

    The allegation that they were paying in crack is HIGHLY suspect. All I’ve seen in that article is speculation by the police. The guy was obviously a drug addict, and was probably trying to earn money, albeit fraudulently, to go buy his crack. Why the NAACP would need to get their hands into the drug trade to get voter registration is beyond me.

  9. Not so. From the Toledo Blade: “Sheriff Westrick said that Pitts, 41, of Toledo, admitted she gave Mr. Staton crack cocaine in lieu of cash for supplying her with completed voter registration forms.” Same info on CNN.

  10. I will gladly vote on Tuesday for some crack cocaine today.

  11. “You voted for whom? Are you on crack?”

    oh wait never mind.

    Mr Kerry, your constituents are demanding more federal funding for their drug benefits.

  12. In Edger Allen Poe’s day, they boozed up the bums, took them to the polls, then dumped them in the street. Now they’re using crack. How times have changed.

    There’s a picture floating around of campaign workers handing out pill boxes with the “Kerry – Edwards” logo to old fucks. The message seems pretty loud and clear: “Vote for me for free government drugs!”


  13. …or, since you libertoids all want to give crack to five year olds, a post about Badnarik could be titled “Vote the Rock!”

  14. “since you libertoids all want to give crack to five year olds”

    This is an egregiously dishonest misrepresentation of my views. I want to give them shopping carts full of weed.

  15. J?
    which j are you?

  16. Joe,
    Libertarians are free marked capitalists to the best of my knowledge.

    Therefore if there was a transaction it would be the selling of crack to five year olds. No one would be giving anything.

    And we would apreciate it if y’all sociealists would not tax it in a manner that it would run the industry off to China.

  17. j,

    I’m the J who’s the evolutionary biologist, St. Louisan, Simpsons/Cardinals/Tom Waits fan, and left-leaning libertarian-type. But you would have to have been reading H&R pretty closely for all of that to mean much. Also, I prefer stupid jokes to anything of real substance in my posts.
    The other J (or J’s?!?) doesn’t seem to pop up too often. But you can always tell me by my authentic J-themed e-mail address, bynoemo@yahoo…. Accept no substitutes!

  18. Your description has a double meaning: the first time I read it, I thought that somehow, they had used crack cocaine as a writing implement to fill out the voter registration forms, and that they were paid for doing so. It makes much more sense the other way…

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