Ramrod Kerry


Wanna hear John Kerry's prep-school band play Link Wray covers? The Electras' site is here. USA Today's account of the band's three-year run, especially their big performance "for the annual tea dance at the all-girls Concord Academy," is here. Pete Townshend tells the paper that, "The band sounds great to me. But the drummer is playing too many notes."


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  1. “Too many notes, Herr Mozart”… figure he’s in good company.

  2. Neil Peart must really piss him off. And Mike Portnoy would probably make his head explode …

  3. I’ve heard Kerry really didn’t play the bass, that he was lying when he said he played the bass, and that you couldn’t count on him to keep the beat.

    Of course, the people saying this didn’t join the band until after he’d left…

  4. i wonder what mr. townshend thinks of aphex twin, venetian snares, panacea or alec empire?

  5. I wonder what Mr. Townshend thinks of Keith Moon.

  6. I wonder what Mr. Townshend thinks of Keith Moon.

    Last time I checked, Mr. Townshend was known to make tongue-in-cheek remarks.

  7. Well, I’m too deadly serious to pick up on something like that.

  8. I listened to these things a few months back. I’m not going to listen to them again to confirm it, but I seem to remember that it sounded like Kerry only knew how to play the root. Not exactly like Entwistle, to say the least.

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