Debateblogging: Filthy, Filthy Mind Edition


Kerry: I acknowledge [the president's] daughters, I've watched them, I've chuckled a bit at some of their comments.

Bush: I'm trying to put a leash on them.

Kerry:I've learned not to do that.

Words fail. Now Kerry's talking about how he never wilts. Something tells me Ana Marie Cox is gonna have a field day.

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  1. On the daughter front I have to say Kerry wins.

  2. Any one else get the sense that Julian is on some sort of crusade to be Reason's one man answer to the uberblogging over on The Corner? You look pretty desperate boos, taking cheap shit pot shots at The Corner, making filthy mind threads that are really stretching it for the joke, and only finding fault with Bush?

    But don't worry, my heart is forever with Reason.

  3. Who cares what he thinks.

  4. I dunno, while he has posted more than usual, have you ever seen how much K-Lo posts on any given day? Granted, the format is different over at the corner, but still, she'll post nearly non-stop from 6AM-10PM it seems, though I should add, I don't mind. By the way, is she good looking? I've always wondered what she looks like; I have the impression she is good looking, I think it's A) the 3 names, B) Lopez, and C) She went to CUA and I associate that with Catholic school girls.

  5. Quote the Onion ?Jenna Bush?s endangered wetlands open for drilling?.


    Thanks, Frobenius, I missed that one. Very funny. It reminds me of something that might be said on Sex in the City.

  7. Does this mean that Bush is into S&M, and that Kerry has had negative experiences with such? 🙂

  8. It's hard and tedious work for Lopez to pass on every new link posted on the Drudge Report.

  9. Andrew Sullivan pegged it:

    "No president who has presided over Abu Ghraib should ever say he wants to put anyone on a leash."

    Let alone his own daughters...

  10. The Bush daughters on leashes -- that is so HOT.

    My mind is made up now. I vote Dubya.

  11. the kerry daughters are more attractive, refined, serene.

    but the bush daughters are trashy.

    trashy always wins. i am from jersey after all.

  12. "No president who has presided over Abu Ghraib should ever say he wants to put anyone on a leash."

    Sullivan is being a pussy, it was a joke.

  13. You're being a pussy, Sullivan's comment was a joke.

  14. Listening to the debate over the radio as I commuted home last night, I didn't quite catch the "leashes" comment. It seemed to be delivered almost under the breath and snickeringly, and so was difficult to make out amid traffic noise. Thanks for Julian for putting it out there in black and white.

    I did catch Kerry's declaration of wiltlessness, and I would have given a big chunk-o-cash at that moment, to see a live image of Theresa's face as he said that. Oh well, perhaps another time.

  15. Hey, I was watching the candidates of both daughters... are they looking for an internship? Blue dress is optional.

  16. Hey, I was watching the daughters of both candidates... are they looking for an internship? Blue dress and leash are optional.

  17. Andrew Sullivan pegged it: "No president who has presided over Abu Ghraib should ever say he wants to put anyone on a leash."

    Andrew Sullivan is a walking advertisement for the popular homophobic myth that gay men are oversensitive, overwrought, and easily reduced to hysterics.

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