Debateblogging: Eye on the Competition


Jonah Goldberg asks:

DID KERRY JUST SAY… [Jonah Goldberg]
I didn't want to draw down the troops in six months…but I can get the troops out in six months?

No. Not even sort of.


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  1. Since you’ve decided to make snippy remarks about the debate, and snippy remarks about people making snippy remarks about the debate, I thought I’d post this.

    That way people can respond to me, and make snippy remarks about me making snippy remarks about people who make snippy remarks about people who have made snippy remarks about the debate.

  2. truly unfortunate for the bush women to have to watch their man take that prison pounding like that…bet they need some antacid ’bout now

  3. Dan,

    I’m game! How’s this? Ahem –

    Nice pre-emptive strike on the media.

  4. What debates?

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