Russ Meyer, R.I.P.


It is with a heavy breast that I must announce that the King of the Nudies has gone to his reward. This appreciation by sometime collaborator Roger Ebert is probably the fullest recognition of Meyer's genius you're likely to read. Although I don't really want to recommend any single picture (I like all of them: Even the relatively stiff, dour, and actory Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers has the familiar cutaways to car crashes), Beyond the Valley of the Dolls is the most celebrated and probably best place to start. Still, the other great Ebert script, Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens, is even better in my opinion, featuring an industrial-films style narrator, a weird dialogue combination of English major poetry and pseudo-Marxist rhetoric, the great Kitten Natividad as Lola Langusta ("hotter than a Mexican's lunch!"), and the inevitable appearance by Martin Bormann.

But you pretty much can't go wrong with a Meyer picture. Through more than 20 movies, he managed to be exploitative, hilarious, and over the top, without ever being campy. Beyond the excellent production values and the 100-percent-natural tits, I think it's no exaggeration to say movies like this could never be made again. Meyer's been in retirement for a long time, but it's still sad to see this great period of movie history come to an end.

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  1. thanks for the mammeries

  2. So, what are the chances of the Academy commemorating him at the Oscars next year?

  3. Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill changed the way I viewed cinema. I think it’s his best, and interestingly, I believe it actually has the least flesh. The only thing wrong with it is that to much disappointment as only a handful of B movies have lived up to its promise.

    Mr. Peterbuilt must have drooped at the news.

  4. Uh, make that:

    “is that to led to much disappointment…”

  5. If you were a real B movie fiend you’d just go with the mistkake, man.

  6. About ten years ago at the Chiller Theater convention I saw a buxom woman approach Mr. Meyer and say what a fan she was. Meyer never made eye contact, instead he stared wide-eyed at her chest and said “my, you have magnificently large breasts,” to which the woman squealed in delight.

    So why doesn’t that line work when I try it?

  7. I’m actually a little happier today. This means that when I go to my great reward, the females in the afterlife will all be wearing low-cut, clinging tops.

  8. When they’re wearing tops, that is . . .

  9. “So why doesn’t that line work when I try it?”

    Maybe it’s the lisp?

  10. If you were a real B movie fiend you’d just go with the mistkake, man.

    Well, if I were on a strict budget, I woulda hadda…

  11. E. Steven:

    The Academy will probably ignore Russ. It would be more fitting if he received a couple of Golden Globes.


  12. John Waters (Baltimore’s favorite son) described “Faster Pussycat” as “the best movie ever made”. Praise from Caesar, as film cultists go.

    By default, no matter the politics, I trust fringe movies more then any typical piece of market-tested crap that Hollywood usually shits out. RIP, Russ.

  13. With the repression of political correctness run amok, the world needs more Russ Meyers!

    Vive La Boobies!

  14. My good friend Luke Ford banged Kitten Natividad. I’m not sure what kind of bragging rights this confers on the man, however. (Let’s just say, this wasn’t the, uh, nubile K.N. as we would remember her of the silver screen).

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