He Does Know Something About Popping Strange Pills…


Slate's Will Saletan finds this delicious pairing in the Los Angeles Times today:

"This 30-second television commercial, unveiled Monday by President Bush's campaign, is scheduled to run this week….Female voice: 'On healthcare, President Bush and our leaders in Congress have a practical plan: Allow small businesses to join together to get lower insurance rates big companies get. Stop frivolous lawsuits against doctors. Health coverage you can take with you. The liberals in Congress and Kerry's plan: Washington bureaucrats in control; a government-run healthcare plan; $1.5-trillion price tag. Big government in charge. Not you. Not your doctor.' "
--Los Angeles Times, Sept. 14, 2004, page A17

"President Bush on Monday repeated his opposition to allowing seniors to buy U.S.-made prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies as a way to save money, calling it unsafe for consumers. 'It's an interesting idea, but remember, my job is to protect you as best I can,' Bush told about 500 supporters at a campaign event…."
--Los Angeles Times, Sept. 14, 2004, same page