Batman Fights for Visitation Rights


A man in an Adam West-worthy Batman suit scales a balcony at Buckingham Palace. According to this Los Angeles Times report, as reprinted on the registrationless Arizona Republic site:

He unfurled a banner that said, "Super Dads of Fathers 4 Justice Fighting for Your Right to See Your Kids," and remained there for about five hours. A partner, dressed as Robin, was stopped by guards before he could reach the ledge. Both men were later arrested.

The stunt was meant to demonstrate, the men said, that every man is a superhero to his children. Tell it to Dr. Wertham.

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  1. I don’t want to dismiss the entire “Fatherhood Rights” set of issues just because of the eccentricities of its leadership.

    But I’ve yet to hear their case made by someone who wouldn’t inspire a call to the police if he turned up on my front porch after dark.

    A couple years ago in my state, a bunch of these clowns waged a campaign to get access to the medical records of thousands of women who had filed for restraining orders. Cut to photos of bruised, swollen female faces, interspersed with quotes from angry men about how women were doing them wrong.

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