Skull/Bones '04


Whichever candidate wins in November, our next president will be a Bonesman. If you're curious about the mysterious Yale society, BoingBoing links to a recent BBC program [RealAudio] on Skull and Bones.

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  1. Bonesman is dead people. They sit in a coffin for a while. Real strange.

  2. I have one question. If this outfit is so secret, how come everyone knows so much about it?

  3. classic illuminati misdirect, man.

    besides, everyone knows that the rich don’t stay rich because of their conspiracies and occult games – they stay rich because god loves them more.

  4. I thought everything about that secret society stuff was cleared up in the movies “Skulls” I-III. Could it be… That wasn’t… a documentary?

  5. I doubt that any college secret society is up to anything more sinister than drinking beer and grabbing asses.

    Actually scratch the ass-grabbing, or Bush would be sunk by now, A la Clinton. The Christian right is less forgiving about that sort of thing.

    Make it drinking beer and watching porn.

  6. Fools. Everyone knows the real conspiracy is the Jesuit lead Counter-Reformation, controlled by the Black Pope.

  7. pseudo, it depends on whether or not you find crazy, vaguely freemasonic-style initiation rites sinister.

    lots of people do. re:

  8. I count myself extremely fortunate, in view of my redneck upbringing, to have been able to put in an appearance at a university, posing as a student from 1961-1965.
    Be that as it may, why does my Vanderbilt yearbook of 1965 describe Skull and Bones as an honorary pre-med society?
    Judging by same heavy volume, the heavy, I mean serious, group of which to be a member was Omicron Delta Kappa?
    Any ODK members here reading this?
    I’m tellin’ ya, those white males had gravitas even back then.
    A couple even wore vests for the picture.

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