Prison Memoirs of a Young Conservative


The American Spectator's Shawn Macomber was jailed while covering the Republican National Convention, for … well, for nothing in particular. You can read his account of the experience here.

My favorite part:

Actually, the whole situation was only really funny in that way that experiences that you are glad you had but hope you never ever have again can be funny. For example, being handcuffed so tightly that your fingers go numb and sharing a small cage in a bus on you way to a holding station with a guy in a homemade "F**K Bush" shirt while he bangs his head into the metal bars…eh, not so funny.

But being on that bus while the cops all sway and sing along loudly with the AM radio staple "Smooth Operator" followed by "We Are Family" -- that was funny. It was like being arrested by the Village People.