Scenes From The Floor


pat boone.jpg

Death Metal icon Pat Boone reaches out.


Owl-Jazeera reporter asks the hard questions.

young republicans.jpg

Young Republicans blow.

texans 2.jpg

"Can you hear me now?"

hat guy.jpg

There is a strong possibility that this gentleman may vote for Bush in November.

shooting the boot.jpg

Getty Images footwear correspondent Spencer Platt scoops the opposition.

bush boot.jpg

"I want a pair of these so bad it fucking hurts," says Blair.

texans 3.jpg

Do you think that button is big enough?



hat guy 2.jpg

Not one of the protesters.

texans 5.jpg

(We're beat. Please offer a caption in comments.)


"This still beats a night at the theater."

PHOTOS by Jim Lowney
CAPTIONS by Lowney & Blair