Hey Delegate! Why Should a Small-Government Libertarian Vote for Bush? (3)


Wayne Turner, 67-year-old alternate delegate from Texas, retired.

A: Um. They're in a dilemma just like a lot of people, because the Republicans, especially Bush, are trying to keep the country together, so you've got to stay in the center. And so I'm part of that moderate, in the center. I don't like a lot of government, I don't like a lot of regulations, but the alternative doesn't tend to be all that great, either, so.

Q: Do you think that a government dominated by one party — both houses of Congress, the president — do you think such a set up government, even if it's Republican, can reign in spending and control the size of government?

A: Well, 'til they get rid of the bureaucracy, nothing's gonna reign in the spending. Both parties, once they get there, they want to stay. And so a third party, I think would help the country. But the media is not going to do it, so I don't know what the answer is, I really don't.

Q: But you're not a fan of the divided government idea?

A: No, because once they get there, there's not a whole lot of difference.