Hey Delegate! Why Should a Small-Government Libertarian Vote for Bush? (2)


June Rentmeester, 66-year-old delegate from Texas, retired.

A: Well, George W. Bush is for smaller government, and he is trying to encourage entrepreneurship by having small businesses, many small businesses, so we don't start outsourcing to all of the other places in the world. And the small businesses is one of the reasons that he brought about tort reform, because small business have a terrible time having to pay insurance for their employees. I mean, I believe in small government myself.

Q: Given the government has grown by something like seven percent in the last four years, do you have confidence that having one party control the major branches, is it possible to keep a cap on spending in that environment?

A: Yes I do, because Republicans are very concerned about spending, and increased taxes, but the problem with all the increases was our war in Iraq, which has escalated everything.

Q: So you don't see any possible use of having a divided government; there's an argument that when Clinton was in power and there was Republicans controlling Congress, the gridlock actually prevented spending. Is that a persuasive argument for you?

A: No it's not a persuasive argument, because during that time they had control of the House, but there was only one vote in the Senate, and they could do nothing. And it's just like the fact that Congress has not okayed the judges that we sorely needed, because they're clogging up the courts. We sorely need those judges. And to give a litmus test on the one issue, is inexcusable.

Q: Two final questions: Are you a fan of the No Child Left Behind Act and the Medicare bill?

A: I am a fan of the No Child Left Behind Act. I think it's fantastic. I'm a retired teacher and I've been volunteering out at schools for the last 30 years. And I think there's much to be done about the Medicare thing.

Q: And finally, what's your biggest complaint about John Kerry?

A: My biggest complaint with John Kerry is that he has been coming out with all these things — he's going to correct Medicare, he's going to take care of the war in Iraq, he has a plan to withdraw — but he never, ever, ever says how he's going to do this!