Hey Delegate! Why Should a Small-Government Libertarian Vote for Bush?


First up: Buddy Adams, 63-year-old alternate from Georgia, retired.

A: Neal Boortz. Well, we listen to Neal Boortz in Georgia. He's a libertarian and he's supporting our president. And I think George Bush is the right guy at the right time at the right place, for what we have gone through after 9/11. He has stood strong, got good moral character, he won't back down, he is qualified to be our president for four more years.

Q: Are you a fan of things like the Medicare bill, the No Child Left Behind Act, these sort of expansions of the federal government?

A: My wife's a retired schoolteacher, and I am for No Child Left Behind. I got four grandchildren in school; I'm sending 'em to the private school because our schools are not up to what I think should be, because of the Pledge of Allegiance, the no prayer in the schools, stuff like that. They go to Christian private schools. Everyone that comes out of that school they're going to, we have 95 percent rate of kids going on to college and graduating from college. So I think religion should be separated from government, but it should be in government.

I think George Bush is like that, he's a real religious-type person. I think he is just a guy that's come at the right time.

Q: And are you worried at all about things like the budget deficit? Do you think he should pay attention to that in his second term?

A: Oh I think he should, be had no control over it. We inherited the recession from the previous administration, and it's taken him this long to bring us out of recession, and we had no control over 9/11, and that really set this country back a long ways. I'm for the Fair Tax proposal. Are you familiar with it?

Q: Yes (a lie)

A: I think it would help our economy because it would give us a fair share of markets and put us on fair ground with these foreign countries on taxes. I think that's the only thing that's really gonna bring the economy back at full strength so we could lower the deficit.

Q: Final question for you: What's your biggest complaint about John Kerry?

A: John Kerry? He's wishy-washy, he don't know where he stands. The main thing, he has said all these things but he has not told us what he's going to do. I'd love to seem him come down with a program, what is he going to do for education, what is he going to do in defense. He says he's got programs, but we haven't seen any of those programs yet.

Mr. Adams is alive thanks to a liver transplant, and he encourages all of you to become donors.