Everybody Loves a Turncoat


As Jim Jeffords and David "A Little Bit Slutty" Brock could tell you, switching teams during a close game is one of the more effective ways to boost your social life, at least short term.

Today's favorite new Republicans include Louisiana Congressman Rodney Alexander, who changed colors Aug. 6 ("Some say I'm a 'confused politician,' and I was -- but now I'm a Republican," he explained this morning); of course the ex-Democrat Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg; and even the dishonorable Democrat Ed Koch himself (who explained that he's plumping for the president because Kerry is not serious in the war on terror).

Still-Democrat Georgia Senator Zell Miller is also getting a starring role, with a prime-time speaking slot Wednesday night, and (more impressively) a portrait of his likeness unveiled at the Anthem Gallery this afternoon, with the generous support of Coca-Cola and Altria.

So who gets to play Ron Reagan? None other than actor Stephen Baldwin. Here's the first line of his celeb bio:

The youngest member of the renowned Baldwin family, Stephen's comedic nature skyrocketed his popularity all throughout the 90's.