The Late Saddam Hussein


IraqPundit notes that, according to London's Mirror, Saddam Hussein has suffered a stroke. A lawyer in Amman claims that, "Our information is that he's in very poor health. We understand from the International Committee of the Red Cross that our client has had a brain scan to discover how badly he has been affected by the stroke. We believe he could die because of his health problems." The lawyer says he fears murder may be in the offing.

Inevitably, there are rumors and Internet reports that Saddam is already dead. According to IraqPundit, the London-based Alquds Alarabi ran a story recently in which Iraqi officials deny these reports. Not that it will make much difference to the Mideast rumor mill.

"The conspiratorial people among us will love this story," predicts IraqPundit. "There will be stories about how the Americans poisoned him because they don't want him to reveal the extent of the Iraqi-U.S. relationship over the years. But Iraqis will only say that Saddam Hussein is not yet dead because, as we say in Arabic, 'death is afraid of him.'"


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  1. With all that is going on in the world, I would figure hell should be booked up for at six eight months, so I doubt Saddam is going anywhere anytime soon. If he does die, every leftwing nutjob including many who post to the comments on Hit and Run will be claiming he was murdered. Perhaps, Dick Chaney is slipping arsenic into Saddam’s food. Saddam is already beloved by and a hero to the left, now he can be a martyr as well. He might even displace brother Che as favorite t-shirt icon.

  2. If there’s no offing, there’s no murder.

  3. Nothing in the Mirror is ever true.

  4. I doubt they’d take away the opportunity of seeing an Iraqi-style public execution.

  5. John,

    This leftwing nutball is inclined more towards “they let they’re old buddy go” than “they killed off their old buddy.” Lots of doubles, you know.

  6. As my mother was so fond of saying about her father (a real S.O.B. who lingered for years before his death):

    “God don’t want him and the Devil don’t either!”

  7. Hopefully he’ll live long enough for the Iraqis to get a chance to execute him. They deserve that kind of closure. It just wouldn’t be fair, in my opinion, for Hussein to die a natural death. He’s lived too long as it is.

  8. I noted that story also in the Scotsman Newspaper. But then 24 hours later a similar story appeared thru Yahoo News. As you point out the first diagnosis was he suffered a stroke.

    The updated story attributes his health problems to a “prostate infection.” As I wrote at the time:
    It appears the bottomline on Saddam is, he started with a possible brain related illness [stroke] that morphs into something concerning the rectal area. [prostate infection]. Does anyone else see a conection here? Or is it just me?

    Head??Anus, Head?Anus, Head-Anus.

    I thought so?. but we all knew that. Except the French, Russians and Germans.

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