Hit & Run

The Alan Colmes Exception


As alluded to earlier, the technological and logistical cock-ups perpetrated by the Democratic National Committee has been, for me, the thing I will personally most remember about this convention. Unless it was finally meeting my old friend Gray Davis (more on this later). Wasting five hours a day (a conservative estimate) chasing down elusive power outlets, desk space and Internet connectivity was annoying enough, but then they locked down the Fleet Center from 7:30 to 11:30 on Kerry Night, no matter who you were or what kind of fancy credentials you were holding.

Well, unless you were Fox News punching bag Alan Colmes, who was escorted right in by one of Boston?s finest. This was no fluke -- Beantown cops, who were one of the most pleasant upgrades from the 2000 Democratic Convention in my homeland of Los Angeles, exhibited a notable man-crush on Sean Hannity all throughout the proceedings. Rings of uniformed policemen and firefighters formed in happy clumps around Talk Radio Row whenever Colmes? more successful half would broadcast. I guess it?s good to be the stooge. Anyway, at least the backtracking Token Liberal got heckled for his efforts, by none other than the previously banned Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. According to a witness, the canine puppet taunted Colmes: "Go do your duty, Colmes, and get the crap kicked out of you by Hannity!"