Fun With Mission Creep


Remember, the PATRIOT Act is a vital tool in the war against… dope smugglers.

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  1. Now we know where all those terrorists are that receive all that drug money…Canada!

  2. that’s right, ol. just BLAME CANADA. just admit that all terrorists are uncle fuckers and be done with it.


  3. As a citizen of Vancouver, I protest the use of the Patriot Act to harm my province’s economy.

  4. Way to go Patriot Act!

    I am so looking forward to paying more for my next quarter…

    Damn medical marijuana fanatical terrorists! Thanx to U.S. Attorney Greenberg I will sleep better tonight, not because I am high, but because he has successfully used the Patriot Act to possibly subvert a significant Terrorist Munchies Session (TMS-CODE: ORANGE) or GAWD! The infamous children destroying Terrorist Weed Nap (TWN-CODE: RED!) “Damn it! I say – I say that be RED! BOH”

    Gawd Blezz Amerika

    p.s. Mel – Please make more god movies!

  5. So grow your own already. It’s not hard, and properly managed, it’s not risky.

  6. That would depend on where you are. In one of the Meth States, doing it up proper is plenty risky. Easier just to smuggle it in from Canada.

  7. Frank-
    In my Seattle neighborhood, its been reported that one in five households already grow marijuana. The nation must face it, up here in the PNW, we love our pot, pure and simple. BC grows some pretty good stuff as well. Being the good neighbors, we like to share. Send some up there, bring some down from there. And of course, international trading sometimes requires cash to change hands.

    The only law I have broken in my entire life is posession and consuming of pot. Sure would be nice if they would just decriminalize pot and myself. Other than that, I am a model citizen!

    Oops, I did drink alcohol as a minor, but I no longer break that law. 🙂

  8. Shem –

    “Doing it up proper” wasn’t quite what I had in mind. A 3x3x6 cabinet, a 400 watt light, and a tightly closed mouth is all the casual toker needs, and is undetectable.

  9. Better Remain Anon,

    You mean you don’t even drive above the speed limit?? You should be put in jail!! 🙂

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