Hey, Media Personalities! What Did You Think of the Speech?


The Kerry lockout forced me to watch Our Next President's cringe-inducing acceptance speech in the loserville Media Pavilion, along with a dozen or so journalists and the odd activist. Post-speech reactions from various media (and occasionally political) personalities can be paraphrased as follows:

Howard Dean: It was great!
Joseph Biden: We just want people to turn off the TV afterward and say, "he's all right, he's an OK guy."
Hendrik Hertzberg: I liked it. I read the text beforehand, and I thought it was beautifully written; the delivery was something different.
Matthew Yglesias: It was crap.
Mickey Kaus: Good enough! The key was to make people think, "I can live with this guy for four years without hating him."
Democrats Abroad Delegate: I liked how he said some real tough things.
Philadelphia Delegate: He did what he had to do.
Hugh Hewitt: As good as can be expected.